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Download any gear software on this page absolutely free. These files are compressed for fast download so you will need WinZip or another decompression program to unzip them after downloading them.

You can get a free evaluation version of WinZip at this
web address

Click the links below to download the free software.
More gear freeware will be added to this page in the future.


NEW ~ Involute 2.0 For Windows - is a new freeware tool for calculating involute roll angles and other gear data such as Form and SAP diameters, base diameter, operating pressure angle, addendum modification coefficient(x) and more.

Download Involute 2.0 (Free)

Gear Finder (Free) - is a program for calculating change gears for any given gear ratio. The program is for four gear combinations.

Download Gear Finder (Free)

Helix - is a DOS program for hobbing helical gears on a hobbing machine without a differencial gear box. This program will find index and feed gears for your machine to produce the desired helix angle.

Download Helix (Free)

QWorm - is a program for calculating measurement over pins for worm threads.

Download Qworm (Free)

QThread - is a program for calculating measurement over pins for Acme threads.

Download QThread (Free)

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