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Instructions: If your software is older than the date shown in the update description for your software then click on the appropriate update link at the bottom of this Page.

The purpose of this page is to inform users of any available software updates such as added features, improvements to functionality and/or bug fixes within a version. A Descrpition is given for each update and the date that the problem was fixed and posted to the web site. Updates that are marked (Critical) should be downloaded and reinstalled on your computer.

Quick Gear 1.1
Issue: When AGMA Stub is selected in the Options/Depth system menu, the values for Addendum and Dedendum are swapped resulting in an incorrect outside diameter value.
This issue was corrected and posted to the web site on
August 2, 2005.

Quick Spline All versions (Critical) 
Issue: Rounding error in external spline pre-plate
This issue was corrected and posted to the web site on
July 30, 2006

Issue: Error when calculating Pre-plate circular tooth
thicknesses for external splines.
Corrected July 24, 2007


Gear Finder (Free Gear Software page)
Issue: An error would occurr when attempting to set the maximum number of gear teeth in “Options” higher than 120. This problem was fixed and posted to the internet on August 20, 2004.
Added Features: New features were added for finding change gears for fixed shaft machines such as the Fellows 7-A shaper where A+B must equal 120 ie 60/60, 40/80, ect. Also the minimum allowable ratio error can now be set as low as .0000001. Before this change the minimum allowable error was .000001. The new features were added and posted to the web on August 26, 2004.
(The Gear Finder software is a free download!)

Download Quick Gear 1.1 Newest Update

Download Quick Spline 1.5 Newest update

Download Quick Gear 2.0 Newest update

Download Quick Spline 2.5

Note: Version 2.5 is no longer available, it is given here
to support current users only.

Download Gear Finder (Free Version) Newest Update

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